Monday, December 1, 2008


For Corporations and Businesses, these will be times of incredible difficulty or opportunity. We are rapidly moving from the Information Age to the Communications Age. The pace of doing business and decision making is increasing rapidly. It is no longer a matter of when but matter of how? Corporations no longer have the luxury of time to transition into the Communications Age. Decisions require quick input from inside and outside the Corporation. Top-down,seat of the pants, gut feel, management decisions may put a Corporation in a direction from which recovery may not be possible (we have seen that lately)

Internet Management Resources is much more than an Internet management consulting company, it is also a collaborative partner working closely with Clients to transition into the Communications Age equipped to compete in tomorrow's business environment. Internal Corporate Social Networks are created to feed critical insight to Management and to empower Employees and Associates. The Corporation takes on a new image as it transitions to faster, more accurate and multi-faceted communications techniques.

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For your company, this could be the most timely action you will take.

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